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Innova 3 Pack G Star Disc Golf Set

This high-performance Innova Disc Golf set features a Driver, Driver/Fairway and Putter, three of the most popular discs, especially with new players.

Innova 3 Pack DX Disc Golf Set

A great value for beginners, this 3-pack disc golf set includes a putter, a mid-range, and a long-range driver.

Discraft NUKE Big Z

The Discraft Nuke Big Z is a maximum distance driver that is moderately over-stable. It is one of the most popular distance drivers in the world.

Discraft Tournament Backpack

The Tournament Backpack is comfortable, durable, affordable and stylish. It holds18-22 discs and 2 putters.

Latitude 64 XXX Opto

The Latitude 64 XXX Opto is an extra overstable fairway driver. Great for advanced and intermediate players.

Discraft STRATUS X-Line

The Discraft Stratus X is an under-stable fairway driver. It will fly straight at low to mid speeds or fade to an anhyzer at high speeds.

Dynamic Discs Trooper Backpack

With a slimmer profile coupled with a lightweight frame and sturdy base, the Trooper is perfect for any disc golfer seeking a backpack-style bag at a more affordable price.

Westside SAMPO VIP

The Westside Sampo VIP is a stable/over-stable fairway driver. It handles big throws and finishes with a good degree of glide. Great for intermediate and advanced players.

Innova Hero Pack

The HeroPack allows you to carry 25+ discs in a lightweight backpack style bag. It features a soft internal frame on the sides and a u-channel disc holder that can be configured to your liking.

Vibram VALLEY XL Glow

The Vibram Valley has a thinner flight plate, more contoured grip and improved wing shape.


The Innova Valkyrie Pro is a stable turnover distance driver with great glide. It is one of the most popular drivers in the world, which held the world distance record for a decade.

Innova KATANA Pro

The Innova Katana Pro is an under-stable distance driver with awesome speed. It moves like no other disc with major turn and fade.

Discraft COMET Big Z

The Comet a stable mid-range disc. It is a very popular straight-flying disc that holds whatever line you throw it on.

Discraft NUKE Z-Line

The Discraft Nuke Z-Line is a maximum distance driver that is moderately over-stable.

Discraft MAGNET Jawbreaker

The Magnet is Discraft’s flagship putter and is used by disc golfers all over the world.

Westside STAG Tournament

The Westside Stag Tournament is an over-stable fairway driver. Gets great distance on fairway drives with both backhand and forehand throws.

Innova MONSTER Champion

The Innova Monster Champion is one of the most stable, powerful, wind beating distance drivers.

Innova ROADRUNNER Echo Star

The Roadrunner Echo Star is an under-stable long distance control. It makes an excellent finesse driver or long range roller.

Innova DESTROYER Star - Bottom stamped - Blue

The Destroyer an over-stable distance driver for intermediate and advanced players. Bottom stamped discs are great for dyeing and an ideal choice for those looking for an unique looking disc.

Innova VULCAN Champion

The Vulcan Champion is an under-stable high speed distance driver. It is one of Innova’s lightest and longest distance drivers.

Innova COLT XT

The Innova Colt XT is a flat putter. Designed for straight flying drives, the V-Tech results in the Colt having a similar flight path for gentle approach shots as well as powerful drives.

Discraft HEAT X-Line

The Discraft Heat is a stable distance driver. It offers the most promising distance for developing players.

Discraft BUZZZ- Z FLX Hi-Flex

The Discraft Buzzz Z FLX Hi-Flex is a slightly over-stable mid-range driver and the world's most popular disc golf.

Westside AHTI VIP

The Westside Ahti VIP is a very over-stable fairway driver. It handles throws windy conditions and is useful for spike hyzers and flex shots.
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